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Just move!

Just move! Ending the couch potato pandemic

We have made ourselves comfortable - but lack of exercise is a high-risk factor for numerous serious diseases. Do politicians and society recognize the seriousness of the situation? How can we get off the sofa? The film tells of innovative solutions worldwide to a gigantic problem that will continue to occupy us in the future. It has long been proven that exercise is essential for survival: whether it's back pain or cancer - exercise sets many healing mechanisms in motion.


Resilience - The strength of the soul

Resilience - a term that is on everyone's lips. It means that we can withstand chronic stress and serious crises without becoming mentally ill. However, people react very differently even to equally severe stress. Some are able to cope while others break. Why is that? Are we born resilient, or can we learn it? In search of answers, we embark on a filmic journey through the latest resilience research.

Summer Journey

Summer Journey. Time doesn't heal wounds.

A terrible suspicion casts a shadow over the idyllic world of a scout group. 30 years later, the filmmaker confronts himself and his companions with the dark side of campfire romance. The result is a personal and highly nuanced film about the structures and systems of psychological and sexual abuse. Nominated for the Grimme Prize 2023.

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